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Getting Started

4-Step Money Transfer


1. Create an Account:

Before starting to use a money transfer service to India, the first step should be creating an account. This involves signing up using your email address and selecting a strong password; registration can either take place through their mobile app or website.


2. Begin Your Transfer:

After creating and logging into your account, initiating a money transfer is easy and transparent. Simply choose the recipient country, amount you wish to send and the method by which they'll receive funds.


3.Enter receiver's details:

Once you've provided the transfer details, the next step should be providing information about your recipient. The exact details needed may differ depending on their chosen receiver method.


4. Pay for your transfer:

Once you have entered all the required details and reviewed your transaction, the next step should be payment. There are typically bank transfer options available to you.

Why Choose Us


At AlfaRemit, we place your personal and financial data first and foremost. Recognizing the criticality of protecting sensitive data in today's digital environment, we implement robust encryption technologies and stringent security measures to keep it protected from unintended access or misuse.

Whether creating an account, initiating transfers, providing recipient details or initiating transfers themselves. You can trust that all your personal and financial details remain protected throughout each step.

Competitive Rates:

AlfaRemit's goal is to provide customers with maximum value for their money, which is why we provide competitive exchange rates and keep fees at an all-time low. When choosing AlfaRemit as your money transfer partner, you can rest easy knowing you are getting maximum benefit out of each transaction. Our transparent fee structure that lets you know exactly what you owe upfront without any hidden charges or surprises.

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Speedy Transfers:

At AlfaRemit, we understand the urgency of money transfers can't be underestimated. From supporting loved ones abroad to paying bills or conducting business transactions, you need a service that quickly delivers legal remit in India efficiently and swiftly. At AlfaRemit we prioritize speed of transfers so that funds reach their destination promptly.

Thanks to streamlined processes and partnerships with trusted financial institutions which enable us to offer quick and reliable transfer services - giving you peace of mind knowing it will reach its intended recipient on schedule. With us you can send money to India with confidence knowing it will arrive on schedule.

Reliable Support:

AlfaRemit understands the importance of providing exceptional customer service, so we have assembled a dedicated support team to assist at every step of the money transfer process. Whether you have questions about creating an account, initiating transfers, or need help with recipient details.


Online Customer Care

At AlfaRemit, we understand the challenges and questions associated with β€œHow to send money to India” may arise during the process, which is why our knowledgeable customer care team is available online to address any inquiries you may have about any aspect of your transfer transaction, services or technical needs quickly and efficiently. Experience the ease and reliability of AlfaRemit for all of your money transfer needs from Australia to India. Join us now and discover an easier and smarter way of sending money to India!

Online Free Currency Rate Checking Before Conversion

Check the current rates for converting dollars into India national currency before shipment. We can give you regular updates to let you know about the recent changes in the conversion rates of different currencies. it is helpful for you to estimate the total charges of money transfer from your home town abroad to India.

Our Features


Instant Updates:

We pride ourselves on keeping our customers up-to-date at every turn, which is why AlfaRemit provides real-time updates regarding your transfer status. Whether it is being processed, in transit, or ready for collection by your recipient. Giving you complete visibility over its progress and giving peace of mind knowing exactly when your recipient will receive their remittance in India while also keeping you connected and informed throughout its entirety.

Flexible Payment Options:

At Alfa Remit, we understand that customers have different payment preferences when it comes to payment methods. That's why we provide a range of payment methods tailored specifically to each of your needs; seamless bank transfers.

Transparent Pricing:

Our core value of transparency runs deep. We recognize the value in being informed of exactly what your fees and charges will be when sending money to India, which is why our pricing structure provides transparent rates with no surprises or hidden fees attached.

Convenient Tracking:

Navigating transactions shouldn't be cumbersome or daunting, which is why AlfaRemit's platform was designed with ease of use in mind.

Our user-friendly interface lets you effortlessly track transfers without hassle, whether from desktop or mobile devices accessing our platform. Providing real-time tracking tools so that you can stay updated on their status in real time and experience worry-free transfers with AlfaRemit!

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Online Customer Care

Alfa Remit is offering customer care service to overseas clients and expats. To solve any complicated problem, contact our consultants for live support.

You can meet us online for a quick global remittance service at a low cost. We are here to give you all sorts of assistance to ship your money from anywhere to India. We are the leader in the international remittance industry with an excellent performance record.


Let’s Answer Some Of Your Questions Or Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. We provide you cost-effective solution to transfer fund online.

We try hard to send your money to India as early as possible without keeping you on hold.

It depends on your requirement. Today, online money transfer is second to none. It is the best method of sending money fast.

Yes, it depends on terms and conditions of banks. You should check your bank.

That means, your remittance service provider gives you permission to change or convert multiple currencies into national denominations.

Online remittance is the process of money transfer from one place to another.

There are different methods of online money transfers like conventional snail mail by post, wire transfer, and bank transfer.

Usually, only 18 years old persons are allowed to send money. However , digitalization and online banking system reduce the obligations. You can do your money transfer from home.

You need to click your mouse on the given link of the company for free sign-up

No issue. If money is not deducted from your account, it will return to your personal account. Bank informs people of the tech issues to send money online.